Seeking Software Skills

Corresponding software skills are essential to job roles in almost every industry. Businesses of all sizes rely on software platforms to run day-to-day operations, deliver consumer products and services, and even manage customer service inquiries. Software applications can solve an endless variety of business problems, and companies need expert professionals to apply related solutions strategically. [...]

Service Discontinuation for Older QuickBooks Products

Another Reason to Switch to Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks   Mark this date, May 31, 2016 on your calendar as the last day Intuit will offer support for certain products. If you are one of those people who procrastinate and don’t make hasty decisions, it might be the time to jump on the online bandwagon and make [...]

Adding Customized Reports to The Icon Bar in QuickBooks

Expanding Options for the Icon Bar Reports that your company uses daily or often enough to be considered easy access can and definitely should be added to the icon bar. First, run the report opened and customized in a manner you like to see. Then select from the View Pull Down Menu “Add to Icon [...]

De-clutter QuickBooks in the Cloud

Quick Tip --- Turn preferences off. Intuit’s QuickBooks Hosting, over the years, continues to include every feature known to man and beast so that all the customers will be happy. That is the good news! The not so good news is that not all businesses are alike and not all features are needed. The good [...]

Setting Dates and Closing Date in QuickBooks

All about the Dates and Closing Date in QuickBooks Firstly, one of my favorite things about QuickBooks is that you only have to type in the first few numbers of the date and QuickBooks does the rest. For example, I am entering an invoice dated 12/15/2015, I only have to type in the 12/15 and [...]

Important Tax Filing Deadlines

Most QuickBooks users and small businesses must file 1099 Forms each year to subcontractors that are paid outside of payroll or for dividends and/or interest paid. Below are the deadlines to file the 1099 forms to both the individual (recipient) and to file to the IRS. 1099-MISC Deadlines   You would use the 1099-MISC to [...]

Cloud QuickBooks Maintenance Tip

Verifying and Rebuilding Company Data There is a feature in QuickBooks, which is rarely needed, and most of the time falls between the cracks until something alerts the business owner to it’s presence. Rather than wait for catastrophe to happen, it is a good idea to use this feature as part of a regular maintenance [...]

Quickbooks In The Cloud. Year End Tips For A Happy Season

Tis’ the season to be jolly. YES. If you follow the quick tips below to ensure a smooth accounting and QuickBooks transition into the New Year, avoiding any cloud tear drops that may come. Here are my favorite year end Tips for a Happy Season. 1. Run a detailed Accounts Receivable report to check on [...]

Bounced Checks In QuickBooks

Handling The Dreaded Checks In QuickBooks, Which Bounce Through The Customer Window It is an inevitable fact of doing business that a check will occasionally bounce and that has to be recorded in QuickBooks. If you are utilizing all the features in the customer center, the bounced check must be recorded by the customer to [...]

QuickBooks 2016 – Most Notable Changes

1. Bill Tracker This is the newly added feature allows users to track all the bills in one window, including overdue bills. This is similar to Income Tracker, which summarized all income-related transactions in one screen. This can be accessed through the Bill Tracker option in the left navigation menu or through the vendor pull [...]