NovelAspect Hosting Data Center

Our SAS 70, Type 2 data center, located in Sacramento, CA has world class network connectivity and data center infrastructure.

Our SAS 70 type 2 data center offers the following features:

  • An international, fully redundant OC192 (10,000Mbps) Internet Backbone
  • Reliability – Our Backbone is completely fiber optic, and we utilize intelligent routing. This ensures that our client’s traffic uses the fastest and most direct route to its destination.
  • Maximum speed – We directly connect to and exchange traffic with all major networks in order to increase the speed of data transfer. We send data directly to its destination. In addition to our own international Internet backbone, we also directly connect to over five-hundred major national and international Internet networks. We directly connect to AT&T, Level(3), Akamai, XO, Verio, Abovenet, Swisscom, Japan Telecom, Earthlink, Broadwing, MSN, etc. and most major networks within the industry.
  • Security – Our data center requires biometric identification and fully escorted access. Video surveillance, locked cabinets and rooms also help protect the hardware at the site. Read more below.


NovelAspect has security and technical staff on site 24/7/365 to handle all aspects of problem resolution and client services.

  • The data center is always monitored and maintained by on-site, third party professional security and technical personnel
  • 72 PELCO surveillance cameras constantly monitor the interior and exterior access points of the building. Cameras are monitored by the front guard desk in the Network Operations Center
  • The CCURE Security System is also employed to track the whereabout of individuals, and monitor the alarms, motion detectors, badge readers, pin pads and biometric devices. We know where you are, where you have been and when you were there.
  • The glass at the facility entrance is armor-plated riot glass. The other glass in the facility has a drywall, a steel-mesh security screen and a second drywall immediately inside it.

Backup Solution

With our Cloud security services, NovelAspect performs daily backups at ~8:00pm PST. Backups are retained for 15 days, allowing us to complete restores on demand. Time for these restores vary based on the size of the folder/files restored. After a full 15 days, there is no off-site or other type of retention.

In addition, NovelAspect also internally performs volume shadow copies locally on our servers. These are scheduled at different times on each server so as not to affect performance in any way. NovelAspect’s policies ensures your data will always be safe and accessible.