With over 10 years of experience, NovelAspect is changing the way small businesses access data around the world.  We are trusted by small to medium sized businesses and accountants worldwide as an industry leader for QuickBooks Cloud hosting. Your business or accounting firm will have simplified remote access to QuickBooks at the lowest cost and highest security offered by any of the national Citrix QuickBooks Hosting companies.

We are also Authorized Experts in providing citrix virtualization to you through a Citrix client, and have gained a strong customer base spanning five continents.  Companies like yours entrust us with their vital business data and application delivery everyday. Our 24/7/365 US based support team members are there when you need them.

NovelAspect manages disaster recovery and backs up servers nightly, retaining copies for 60 days, providing clients an unparalleled level of reliability and security.  Dedicated to providing reliable, exceptional service and flawless security, NovelAspect allows small and medium sized businesses and accountants to utilize application hosting to access their data anytime, anywhere!

For more information about QuickBooks Hosting services and other application hosting, please call (888) 244-6559 or email: sales@novelaspect.com