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QuickBooks in The Cloud

Cloud for QuickBooks What on earth is the cloud? Why should I do my accounting in the sky? I am only a sole proprietor, how will this help me? I am confused, is the cloud stormy? Why don’t I just get my own QuickBooks and use it on my laptop? If the idea of cloud computing leaves you feeling a bit bewildered, you are not alone. When I first heard of this thing called the cloud, I wanted to hide my head under the covers and not come out for air. Another new thing? EGADS! However, cloud computing is the way of the future and is inevitable that the “on-premise” QuickBooks system will become obsolete and moved to something cloud based. I have come full circle and am impressed with the overall convenience and ease this form of computing is in the world of accounting and cloud QuickBooks, especially for small businesses. […]

Sage Authorized Hosting Partnership with NovelAspect Coming Soon!

NovelAspect Announces an upcoming Sage Authorized Hosting Partnership! We know these guys aren't new to software - and we have been hosting Sage clients for years - we are excited to announce we are becoming a Sage Authorized Hosting Partner.  Our partnership will give your growing business an edge, with access to our 24/7/365 support, [...]

CPAs Say Data Safety is Their Primary Concern for 2012

CPAs and Cloud Computing The American Institute of CPAs recently released the results from their 2012 Top Technology Initiatives Survey—and according to their findings, the three technology-related issues with which CPAs will most concern themselves this year will be information security, remote access, and control and use of mobile devices. Of the three priorities, respondents [...]

Cloud Computing Cartoon

A corner office anywhere - one of the many benefits of cloud computing!

Quickbooks Hosting : The Future of Intuit—and NovelAspect

Last week, Joe Woodard—an expert in the field of QuickBooks Hosting, use and support—wrote an interesting piece on the future of Intuit for the online tax and accounting news website Accounting Today. Woodard is the president of Creative Financial Software (CFS), a company that provides QuickBooks implementation, training, and consultation services for small businesses, and [...]

Cloud Computing Cartoon

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

The past year has been one of extraordinary growth and change for cloud computing. As we reach the mid-year mark, more than twice as many small business IT professionals are using cloud solutions now in comparison to the second half of 2010, and the numbers keep increasing; in fact, CRN projected last year that cloud [...]

What can Cloud Computing do for My Business?

Given all the benefits of cloud computing, it’s a wonder all small businesses haven’t switched to application hosting and cloud computing. In this interview with Rick Fallahee, CEO of NovelAspect, we explore why he believes some small businesses haven’t moved their applications to the cloud. First off, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing is when [...]

5 Ways to Ensure QuickBooks Hosting is Secure

According to a recent Ernst & Young survey, 60% of respondents (1,600 senior executives in 56 countries) perceive increased risk from the use of social networking, cloud computing and personal mobile devices at work. To ensure your data remains secure, ask your hosting provider the following five questions. 1. What type of data center do you [...]