CPAs and Cloud Computing

The American Institute of CPAs recently released the results from their 2012 Top Technology Initiatives Survey—and according to their findings, the three technology-related issues with which CPAs will most concern themselves this year will be information security, remote access, and control and use of mobile devices.

Of the three priorities, respondents to the survey put information security at the top of their list. While many made it clear that the benefits provided by technology—namely, greater flexibility, efficiency, and productivity—are indispensable to their companies, they also all expressed some apprehension about the perceived security risks that can accompany greater reliance upon technology.

Why CPAs are Worrying about Data Security

It’s clear why information security comes first for CPAs: in the accounting world, data safety and confidentiality is imperative. And to be clear, the CPAs who took the AICPA’s survey say their companies are currently succeeding in meeting their information protection and privacy goals—they just know that in this ever-evolving technological landscape, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead.  

One worry that CPAs also appear to share, however, is that they may be unable to prevent a data breach in the case of a lost laptop or mobile device. That’s where NovelAspect’s data security protocol comes in.

Information Security with NovelAspect

In addition to server redundancy and daily data backups, NovelAspect employs two-level-strong password-protected logins, 128-bit encryption, and security timeouts to ensure that only you have access to the sensitive information you work with. That means that not only will you not lose any data if your laptop or tablet goes missing, you also won’t have to worry about that same data falling into the wrong hands.

If you’re one of the CPAs who are finding themselves increasingly dependent on technology—but you’re a little unsure about what that means for the safety of your information—take a look at the application hosting services we offer. As a company that was built by CPAs, NovelAspect has something important in common with the AICPA’s survey respondents: data security is (and always has been) our number one priority as well.