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Design and Engineering Software Hosting

Engineers, Architects and Designers use NovelAspect for software hosting
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NovelAspect’s latest innovation in the application hosting space is CAD application Hosting.  Industries have been converting to the cloud for the past 15 years, but due to the hardware requirements of 2D and 3D CAD software, design and engineering firms are in the very early stages of a cloud migration.  NVIDIA graphics cards and Citrix technology allow CAD applications to be run in cloud as if they were installed on your desktop.

The cloud provides multi user access to the same data file, meaning if you have engineers in another country, there is no longer any need to send large data files through email.  Simply have your engineers log into our cloud and they have access to the files they need.  Work on your design from home, in the office or on the beach.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can update your drawings.

Architects, engineers, landscape designers, etc. can now enjoy the freedom and benefits of cloud computing that other industries have taken advantage of for the past 15 years.  Click on one of the applications below to or call our sales team to learn more about our design hosting.

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