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QuickBooks Canada Hosting

Grow your Business with remote Access to QuickBooks

in the Cloud from anywhere with any device.

Access Quickbooks Anytime, Anywhere

QuickBooks Hosting Canada offered by NovelAspect has long been trusted by small businesses and accountants across the world to provide secure, reliable hosting services. We have joined with Intuit Canada as a Commercial Hosting Partner to expand our ability to offer Hosted Quickbooks products.

Get easy, affordable access to Canadian QuickBooks Hosting for your business through an Intuit-certified Canadian QuickBooks Hosting Provider.

Compatible with all operating systems, including Mac, Android, and iPad

Citrix Hosting (not Remote Desktop/Terminal Services) world class infrastructure and reliability

Complete access anywhere anytime with easy remote access via our Citrix QuickBooks Cloud

Save time and money – lower expenses from unnecessary commuting, and new hardware

Data is securely stored on our servers – no need to worry about lost or stolen laptops

8+ years of experience in security and reliability

No setup or hidden fees – we operate month-to-month with competitive prices

2 level authentication process, 128 bit encryption, and timeouts ensure top notch data security

Multi-user access for simultaneous log-ons at different locations

We manage disaster recovery and backup your data nightly so you don’t have to worry

Intuit Authorized Commercial Host and Partner in US and Canada

Free 24/7/365 U.S. based technical support


QuickBooks Canada Hosting Only: Provide Your Own Software License



NovelAspect charges users on a monthly basis, with no contract and no setup or hidden fees

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QuickBooks Canada Hosting Plus Software Lease: We provide the Software License


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Quickbooks Canada Leasing Option

Looking to get started with hosting but don’t currently own a license? NovelAspect is authorized by Intuit Canada to lease QuickBooks licenses. Avoid the up-front cost of buying a QuickBooks license and lease from NovelAspect to get started right away!


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Login and Access Your Cloud Application from anywhere, at anytime, with any device.

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User-Friendly Dashboard with Easy Application Launch

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Cloud QuickBooks looks, works, and feels just like your desktop version


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NovelAspect’s Hosting Pricing

NovelAspect offers hosting with no setup fees or hidden costs; accounts are purchased on a monthly basis, with no long-term contract required.

With your monthly account subscription, you get:

  • Daily server backups at an offsite location to ensure your information is never lost.
  • Top-notch data security, including a two-level authentication process.
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed every month.
  • Citrix hosting infrastructure maintained at world-class data centers.
  • Round-the-clock phone and email customer support.

Why Choose NovelAspect for Canadian QuickBooks Hosting?

Unmatched reliability NovelAspect has a 99.9% uptime guarantee—you won’t find a company that can offer better!
Choose between multiple versions of QuickBooks Canada We’re authorized by Intuit Canada to host Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Premier Accountant, and Enterprise.
Superior hosting platform We offer Citrix hosting, a speedier and more dependable hosting platform than Terminal Services, which is what many of our competitors offer.
Anywhere, anytime access With NovelAspect Hosting, your applications and files, you, your business partners, and your employees can access the most current version of the information you’re working with—whether they’re at work, at home, or on the road.
Reduce costs through time saved Minimize commuting expenses and cut out unnecessary meetings—with NovelAspect Hosting your files and collaboration can be performed remotely.
Multi-user access You, your CPA, and your employees can access data simultaneously, even from disparate locations; and it only takes one click to log on to the server.
Cutting-edge data security NovelAspect takes every security precaution to protect your information, including two-level, password-protected logins, 128-bit encryption, and security time-outs (learn more about NovelAspect’s data centers, back-up and security here
Streamlined PC management We—not you—are responsible for your Hosting data; even if your laptop is lost or stolen, your information will still be safe.
First-class data center Located in Sacramento, our state-of-the-art data center is unparalleled in quality.
Value Added Reseller (VAR) program NovelAspect believes in flexible, integrated partnership approach rather than a commission-based approach. We facilitate joint marketing efforts, integrated offerings, and more for accountants and small businesses through our VAR program
Unbeatable pricing We recognize how important affordable prices are, especially in today’s economy; that’s why our prices are lower than our competitors who use Terminal Services, even though we offer Quickbooks Canada Hosting through Citrix.

The Advantage of Quickbooks Canada Hosting with NovelAspect

  • QuickBooks Canada hosting simultaneously cuts back your expenses and increases your productivity.
  • Canadian QuickBooks hosting frees you to work from anywhere, anytime, with a single source for all of your data.
    This improved flexibility allows you to significantly scale back travel time and associated costs, as well as simplify
    PC maintenance.
  • If you’re a CPA, you’ll find that Canadian QuickBooks hosting increases:
    – client satisfaction (due to improved remote support capabilities)
    – revenue stream for your business (through reselling our services)
    – efficiency (through multi-user access to live company files)
  • QuickBooks remote access solutions vary greatly

FAQ About Canadian QuickBooks Hosting

Q: Doesn’t QuickBooks offer an online version of its software?

QuickBooks does have an online version (QuickBooks Online), but it lacks many of the features of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Quickbooks Canada hosting offers far more features and advantages than Quickbooks Online.

Q: Doesn’t QuickBooks already offer a remote access feature? How is hosting any different?

QuickBooks Premier does offer a remote access feature (the other versions of QuickBooks do not), but there are limitations to this feature—namely, it only allows one user to access one computer remotely at a time, and someone has to be physically present on both ends in order to begin a remote use session. Quickbooks Canada hosting, on the other hand, is ideal for telecommuting and outsourced bookkeeping because multiple users can access necessary information at any time.

Q: How will my local and remote QuickBooks access differ with QuickBooks Canada hosting through NovelAspect?

They won’t—in both cases, the version of QuickBooks you’ll be using is hosted on our servers, so your experience will be the same whether you log in at the office or at home.

Q: If I have my QuickBooks hosted by NovelAspect, will I be able to make local copies of files when I want them?

Yes—anytime you want to save a backup copy of your company file, you can download it to your local desktop (QuickBooks Online does not allow you to do this).

Q: In what way does QuickBooks Canada hosting “simplify” PC maintenance?

With NovelAspect hosting your QuickBooks software, you’re relieved of the responsibility of installing and running QuickBooks on your own computer. You access your files via a web browser, and NovelAspect takes care of all of your software maintenance and upgrades.

Q: How is Citrix hosting better than Terminal Services hosting?

Citrix hosting is better than Terminal Services in a number of ways. For one, it’s faster—as much as three to four times faster, with 73% less bandwidth used. It also offers a much simpler login process, supports more operating systems, allows higher-resolution graphics, and flawless printing.