NovelAspect Reseller Enrollment

How the program works and who it is designed for

  1. 10% commission for the life of the account (contact NovelAspect for details & exclusions)
  2. Designed for Software Resellers, Accountants, ProAdvisors, IT Professionals, Law firms, Colleges, Nonprofits, Small & Large Firms, VPS & VPN Firms


Why one would want to participate & enroll ASAP

  1. Easy way to obtain additional reoccurring revenue
  2. Once the referral form is submitted we can handle the next steps


Features and Benefits

  1. Reoccurring revenue without any added costs
  2. Grow your business without growing your infrastructure, hardware, or software
  3. Eliminate and outsource your IT support to US based experts
  4. Convenient invoicing
  5. We’ll manage all aspects of the program for you so your time can be focused on your business
  6. We’ll provide all the tools you’ll need to be successful
  7. We’ll equip and train you to sell our services
  8. No hidden fees, no contracts
  9. No hassle cancellations





Q: Who is NovelAspect?

NovelAspect is a worldwide leader in the software hosting industry providing the lowest cost and highest security offered by any of the national Citrix hosting companies.NovelAspect provides cloud solutions to Software Resellers, Accountants, ProAdvisors, IT Professionals, Law firms, Colleges, Nonprofits, Small & Large Firms, and VPS & VPN Firms.

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Simply email

Q: How do I cancel my Reseller Program?

Simply email and request a cancellation form.

Q: How do my clients cancel?

Just submit the cancellation form to your client that we will provide you and have them complete the form. Then we’ll close their account.

Q: How do I refer a client?

Just send your client the New User Form and we’ll handle the rest.

Q: What will I need to get started?

To get started just click on the button “Enroll Now” and complete this form.

Q: What happens next after I sign up?

After we receive the form we’ll send you a welcome email with all of the information you’ll need to get started.

Q: What would the value be to enroll my customers into cloud?

Your clients will be able to utilize their software anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Q: What types of clients can I enroll?

Clients can include anyone who has a need to have their software in the cloud.

Q: When do I receive my commission check?

You’ll receive your commission check at the end of each quarter or at the end of the year depending on the size of the commission.

Q: Can I refer clients that are overseas?

Yes, we can provide cloud service to your clients overseas.

Overview of video of our services:
Overview of Cloud hosting slides.

The Fine Print

  • Resellers are paid quarterly if the payments are over $100.00 per quarter.
  • Resellers are paid annually if payments are less than $100.00 per quarter.
  • Resellers must refer 1 new customer in each calendar year to stay in the reseller program.

Click here for Terms of Service