Small Business Managed Services, Small Business IT Services – the Alternative to Business Servers

NovelAspect provides small business managed services for a fixed monthly fee. Our fee provides you with a significant reduction to your IT costs and a significant increase in your IT productivity. Our small business IT services include:

  • Hosted Server A Hosted Server is the foundation of small business managed services. Moving your server to the cloud relieves you of managing maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, security, backups and disaster recovery. Our hosted servers start at $100 per month.
  • Hosted Applications Hosted Applications build upon the Hosted Server with small business managed services. Access all your company applications in the cloud 24 x 7 x 365 from any internet connected device. Applications and data are centrally located to ensure backup and prevent accidental loss. All applications are delivered to you through Citrix. NovelAspect ensures your applications are working and delivered to your wall.
  • Hosted E-Mail A great addition when switching to small business managed services is Hosted E-Mail. NovelAspect has partnered with Intermedia to provide Exchange hosting to small and medium sized businesses. You receive 24 x 7 x 365 anywhere access to your Exchange hosted email through any internet browser, any phone or through your NovelAspect hosted Outlook software.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support The NovelAspect hosted help desk is always available to answer your support request. Small business managed services aren’t managed without a great support team.
  • Backup and Recovery The final piece of our small business managed services solution is an effective backup and recovery solution. Included in the cost of your server are 15 days of daily backup using the Avamar by EMC solution.

NovelAspect small business managed services are dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses move to the cloud. Cloud computing isn’t new, people have been accessing applications over the internet since the beginning of the internet. Advances in bandwidth to the consumer and business now make moving your business server in the cloud feasible. Small businesses managed services provides all the IT resources of a Fortune 500 company at a fraction of the cost.

Why Small Business IT Services?

NovelAspect’s small business managed services build and maintain your information technology infrastructure, resulting in improved quality, reliability and simplicity. All this is done at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a server in-house.

Think back to the 1970’s. When computers first became main-stream, they did so using a mainframe model with many dumb terminals scattered throughout the network. The mainframe model was the least expensive method of providing managed IT services to large enterprises and managed services were limited to corporations and big companies such as EDS and Perot Systems. Small business IT services either did not exist at this point or were very expensive. The main issue with the mainframe model, however, was that the capabilities available to the end users weren’t flexible enough to meet the needs of individual users. Even if they were, the bandwidth needed to operate over these networks did not exist. Hence the personal computer and distributed computing were invented.

There are many problems with a distributed computing model. It is very costly to operate and maintain a large distributed network. Data in this type of network is spread amongst many machines – most of which are not backed up regularly. Much of the computing power in this network sits idle for much of the day and night. Small Business IT Services was somewhat more efficient with distributed computing, however it was still expensive and limited to large companies.

Fast forward to today, and most businesses are still using the distributed computing model. Why? The primary reason is simple – this is the way things have been for the last 20 years. Technology has changed so much in the past 20 years with server virtualization technologies such as Citrix that companies can go back to the shared mainframe model while retaining the flexibility of the distributed model and saving at least 30% versus the cost of owning and maintaining an in-house server. Small business managed services is now an affordable and effective solution to meet the needs of your business.

This is where NovelAspect comes in. NovelAspect provides small business managed services by giving you published applications and providing a secure workspace for your company on our servers. Never manage another server again. Have your applications ready at any internet connection 24 x 7 x 365 – delivered using the latest Citrix technology. Take comfort in the fact that your data and applications reside on the latest HP Blade Servers and Storage Area Networks in a secure and redundant data center. All this at a very affordable price. Your applications and data – our hardware, software and expertise. Small Business IT Services has never been easier or more reliable. Contact NovelAspect today.


Managed Services Case Study

The primary benefit of using NovelAspect Small Business Managed Services comes as a result of moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud. Small and medium sized businesses don’t require full time IT resources. NovelAspect provides small and medium sized businesses the ability to rent a portion of our Citrix and operating system expertise and our data center infrastructure giving you the power of a Fortune 500 data center at a fraction of the costs.

Below is a recent comparison of IT related costs for a San Francisco based biotech firm using their in house model versus the NovelAspect Small Business IT Services model.


In-House Hosted
Capital Costs
Server Room Buildout 20,000 0
Phone 2,500 0
Cat 5 Wiring 2,500 2,500
Servers / Firewalls 12,000 0
Computers – 10 users 15,000 15,000
Phone System 15,000 1,000
$67,000 $18,500
Internet Connection 700 250
T-1 Line 700 0
Conference Calling 350 0
Desktop Support 1,500 300
Server Maintenance 2,500 100
Email – Exchange 500 125
Backup 500 Included
Disaster Recovery None Included
Desktop Support 3,000 Included
Phone System 700 500
$10,450 $1,275


The advantages of small business managed services are clear from a financial perspective. We also work with local IT service providers to help you manage your accounts. We provide the servers and access to those servers through Citrix. You manage your client accounts, do first level tech support or provide a phone number so you can use our help desk.


Contact us today to discuss how NovelAspect small business managed services can improve the quality and reliability of your IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.